About Us

Root & Flowers is the product of three best friends who want to embrace individuality and help women feel beautiful. The idea of Root & Flowers began after Geri and Sheila were on a trip, sitting in a wine bar (fun fact: Geri doesn’t even like wine), talking about this, that, and the other thing, sharing their passions and future goals… you know - “girl things.” After a drink (or two), the idea of opening a boutique came to the surface.

Not long after, Sheila and Mitz (and their families) were on vacation in Florida, sitting on a white sandy beach enjoying the sun, sand, and some cocktails when Sheila brought up the idea of the boutique to Mitz. With much excitement, no hesitation at all, no mulling over the idea, this is how the trio began at Root & Flowers. 

At Root & Flowers, we firmly believe that you should own your individuality because you are unique and beautiful. With quality, stylish products, we are here to help you embrace your beauty through quality and affordable pieces without spending a fortune.

Built from passion, dedication, and customer loyalty, we are here to provide you with top-notch customer service, free shipping, and a friendly experience. 

root and flowers boutique team
(Left to right: Sheila, Mitz, Geri)

Meet Our Team

Her day starts with a cup of coffee and a splash of vanilla, and ends pouring a glass of Pinot (red or white!). With a degree in Business Administration, mom to three amazing kids, and a dog mom to Dozer, life is always moving at full speed ahead.

Mitz feels great and loves that women, of all ages and sizes, can shop our site and find adorable clothing, at any price point.

Probably pouring a glass of white wine, Sauvignon Blanc, to be exact. Sheila is the lover of all-the-things that sparkle, leopard print, and travel. Wife to Hal, Mom to two handsome fellas: Hayden & Hudson, and dog mom to Snickers. Sheila is constantly planning social events with friends and family. Sheila would say she's the "girly-girl-type" in a house surrounded by boys. With a degree in fashion and textiles, Sheila has a strong passion and desire for finding the cutest and stylish clothes to offer at Root & Flowers! 

We are your Root & Flowers team; free-spirited, witty, dedicated, and passionate about helping women feel beautiful. Our goal is to make you feel beautiful, carefree, and confident. Backed by 100% full refund, we stand by our products and provide exceptional customer service. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Root & Flowers circle, beautiful.